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Tours to Saint Petersburg

immersion in history

Throughout its history Saint Petersburg’s had a great number of names. Still there’s one which has proved to be the best-loved. It’s Piter. You don’t need to have a good eye to see it as a tremendous open-air museum. Without coming indoors you still have a feeling of being inside something fascinating with all the statues, bas-reliefs, columns, each telling their own story. Reading it, however, depends on how curious and attentive you are.
Along with the world-known landmarks the city is famous for the biggest historic residential area; and the whole city center is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Here lives history; and each step you make along a pavement might have been one of a famous architect, musician, writer or painter. Following in their forerunners’ footsteps today’s intellectuals and creatives from around the world keep coming to Piter to spend just one week or entire life here

We create each tour individually to meet our guests’ interests and requirements. Here you will see some sample tours you can ask to customise to suit you. 

There’re about 3000 places of accommodation in St.Petersburg. So we’ve selected hotels we liked most and visited them. So we know exactly what we offer and ready to recommend the best option for our guests.

Our guides have proved to be awesome storytellers. They’ll lead you around St. Petersburg and its picturesque suburbs, just ask.

Feel Piter’s soul with citizens talking about history, politics, culture, art and yourself walking around the city and suburbs

Incoming Tour Operator in Saint Petersburg

We are glad to welcome you on our website. We’re a licensed incoming company in St. Petersburg. If you have decided to come to St. Petersburg, a city with European culture, still mysterious Russian spirit, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to create an individual program to suit your interests and needs. While working with our guests, we always keep in touch to be sure they are doing well.
We believe exciting and informative excursions or walks, fascinating museums (and there is rich diversity to choose from) as well as places where you stay, your temporary home, and where you come to have a meal make a journey the one you won’t want to end. So we all do our best to make it happen.